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What to expect

~I'm based in Bristol, UK and I can see you in person if you'd prefer. Otherwise, consultations can take place online so there's no limitation on your location except that herbs might take longer to arrive.~

Once you've decided to take the leap and start your Ayurvedic journey, I will send you a health questionnaire and constitution quiz before we meet.

The initial consultation lasts for an hour and during this time we will dive deep into your personal and medical history, as well as the current challenges you're facing to determine how Ayurveda can help you.

We will discuss your main complaints and imbalances, work and home life, dietary and lifestyle habits, sleep quality, as well as any other aspects that might be affecting your health. We do this because Ayurveda teaches us to consider the whole mind-body complex and to not isolate and separate the systems of the body.

Ayurveda seeks to get to the root of the problem and eliminate the cause for true healing because, "as long as the cause of the disease is not identified and prevented, there can be no alleviation of the disease” ~ Mādhava-Nidāna

You will receive a tailored plan after the consultation with my feedback and action plan for you. This will be in the form of diet/lifestyle changes and, if needed, I will prescribe some herbal medicines to take. The whole treatment works in synergy and it's not enough to just take the herbs; all three should be utilised to be most effective

Image by Calum Lewis
Image by Katherine Hanlon

Follow-up consultations

The body takes 35 days to process what we've consumed in order to nourish all bodily tissues, as such it takes time for the herbs to seep into the system.

Follow-up consultations are necessary so I can adapt the treatment plan based on feedback from your body, and assess whether we need to change the herbs you're taking. They are also crucial to help you stay motivated and accountable on your journey, to ask questions as they arise, and also to learn about Ayurvedic theories as you progress and put them into action.

I require clients to commit to a minimum of three sessions because I want the treatment to succeed. A one-off session doesn't give me the necessary feedback I need to help you. 

The overall length of treatment depends on the severity of your disorder and how effectively you can implement changes. 

Undergoing Ayurvedic treatment is not a quick fix or a plaster for symptoms. It requires effort, but with skillful effort, you will reap the rewards of this incredible system and lay solid foundations for your well-being.

Basic plan

-Includes your initial consultation and 2 follow-up sessions

-The appointments are pre-booked

£125 + cost of herbs


Full plan

-The appointments are every 2-4 weeks

1. Initial Consultation - 60 minutes

2. Follow-up - 30 minutes (within the first two weeks)

3. Follow-up - 30 minutes

4. Follow-up - 30 minutes

5. Follow-up - 30 minutes

6. Follow-up - 30 minutes

£225 + cost of herbs


You can use the plan within 1 year of purchase, so if you need to pause it for some reason. You can still use the rest of the sessions up later.

Please contact me if you need to arrange a payment plan.


The herbs I prescribe are from The Ayurvedic Institute and each ingredient is traceable by the producer to its original source.

The production, cultivation and preparation of the herbal supplements, medicines and oils undergo rigorous testing to ensure they retain their potency and quality.

Tablets cost £16

Powders cost £11

Oils vary in price depending on size

I usually prescribe 3-5 herbs, but in some cases home remedies are sufficient.

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