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Upcoming Events

Sat 11th Nov 2023

10am - 3pm

Women's Health Workshop

Cumbria, Soullands Yoga Studio, £80

Join Gemma and me for a one-day workshop that dives into the Ayurvedic view on women's health and why our menstrual cycle does not need to be something we dread. We also look at menopause and how we can smoothly transition into a new chapter of our lives.

Date TBC

Introduction to Ayurveda

Bristol, Yogasara Yoga Studio

Join Gemma and me as we introduce you to the world of Ayurveda. You will leave feeling like you know the basics but most importantly, how to start integrating this wisdom into your life!

To book a private event, please reach out.


Sophie and Gemma are beautiful souls and the perfect introduction to Ayurveda. They were calming and welcoming and their breadth of knowledge is amazing. 

Thank you for introducing me to making these changes in my life.


I really enjoyed it and found it quite emotional knowing I can easily sort out my issues.



Very informative workshop. In less than an hour I managed to quickly understand what I needed to change to be more balanced. 

Sophie and Gemma are lovely and made me feel at home.


Had such an amazing experience at this workshop.

I learned a lot, and everything was super applicable to everyday life.

Thank you so much!


You were great, thank you!

Can't wait to book a consultation.


Amazingly informative workshop. Attentive teachers sharing openly.


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