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Neglected to Nourished 

As is usually the case with healers, they seek to heal because I too needed healing once.

Problems with my body and food began around age 12. My figure was changing, my awareness and hormones were shifting and I didn’t like what I “saw". Body dysmorphia has a way of tricking you into seeing something that isn't there. I look back now and see a skinny teenager but that's definitely not how I felt.

So I began a decade of disordered eating. To me, my weight fluctuated massively but I'm sure to the outside world I looked like a healthy young person.

I remember fanatically weighing myself and measuring my food, counting and tracking every calorie; restricting, or on the other spectrum, binging. There were periods of respite where I didn't give it my focus, but there were also periods of decline; my body failing me. Passing out in the PE changing rooms, waking up with a headache every single day, or losing my periods for half of the year.

In my healing, I wept for my younger self and how she rejected so much within, but I know I had to experience that so that I could cherish my body and give it the love it so deserves. Our body carries and holds us; it's a vessel to experience all aspects of life and we must learn to listen to its cues for they are there to guide us back to balance. 

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I bounced from disordered eating to bordering on orthorexia (an obsession with 'healthy eating', I finally found a more holistic path.


My first steps into holistic health were at CNM (College of Naturopathic Medicine) doing a Naturopathic Nutrition course; my gut guided me away from this and to Australia instead!

It was in Australia that I first encountered Ayurveda, a friend told me she'd been diagnosed Vata imbalanced and this notion of being ungrounded resonated so strongly I began exploring mindfulness and meditation as a way to return to the present moment.

It took another couple of years for Ayurveda to come back into my life, but it spoke to my soul and so it was inevitable I sought to know it more deeply. Ayurveda encompasses healing on a truly holistic level by looking at the whole mind-body complex. It seeks to find the root of the issue and remove it so the body can come back to homeostasis. 

I've spent the past five years travelling the world and within, diving deep into self-exploration and learning to radically love and accept all aspects of my being. It's an ongoing lifelong journey that I've embraced and it would be my honour to help you do the same.

I used to say I eat to survive; now I can gladly say I eat to thrive.

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