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I saw Sophie for perimenopausal symptoms that had been affecting me for years. Despite being on HRT I was still suffering with sleepless nights, night sweats, and bloating. When I stuck to the plan I noticed big improvements in my sleep and the night sweats stopped completely. As well as giving me herbs to take, I was advised on diet and lifestyle which greatly helped with the bloating.
Ayurveda is not something I'd usually think about using, but I'm really glad I did.
Thank you for being patient with me, Sophie!

Tammy H, UK

Sophie has been so great in supporting me with IBS through her knowledge of Ayurveda. She is very kind, and thoughtful, and is great at exploring symptoms and giving explanations of her advice around lifestyle adjustments to suit your dosha. She recommended changes to physical activity, diet, and herb intake in a very gentle way and helped improve my symptoms significantly!

I would highly recommend having consultations with her to any of my friends. She is professional and always keeps appointments and send lots of useful info via email. Thanks so much Sophie! 

Lizzie D, UK

I came to Sophie with extremely bad period pains.

Having no success with Western doctors I felt helpless not knowing if my pains were 'normal'. Sophie is so extremely thorough in her care and puts so much time and effort into her patients. I felt seen and cared for.

I am so glad I stuck with it, as it took a few months of me getting diligent and working more with Sophie to help heal my body.

Sophie was patient with me during this journey! And now my period pains are so much more improved to the point I rarely have them! I can't thank you enough Sophie, you have literally changed my life!

Couldn't recommend Sophie more highly to anyone struggling with their period pains.

Jess S, UK

I come across Ayurveda treatment through Sophie. I was looking for a natural and holistic solution to my hormonal imbalance, painful periods and digestive issues when everything else I tried didn't work.
Sophie quickly come up with a friendly pitta food list which significantly made my bloating disappear and improve my digestion. I am feeling comfortable in my body again.
Sophie also made a plan for me to drink Ayurveda teas to address the hormonal imbalance. In the first month, I noticed that I barely experienced pain the first days of my period. This persisted the next months and not only that but my periods became regular, which wasn't before.
I notice I have recovered my energy, feel less tired and I sleep better since I follow the Ayurveda treatment prescribed by Sophie.
I highly recommend Sophie as your Ayurveda therapist if you have the kind of issues I have had.
Sophie is the most loving and knowledgeable professional I have known in terms of Ayurveda.
She tailored a treatment fitted to my lifestyle.
I feel really thankful for her guidance and support during the Ayurveda treatment and the hard times I have experienced over the last 3 months when I suffered an injury.

Lucia S, UK

Sophie is a seasoned and highly skilled Ayurvedic Specialist.  I sought out help from Sophie when struggling with menopause symptoms, sleep hygiene issues, weight gain, and lethargy.  Her knowledge and help brought me such relief, and improvements in all areas of daily living including more zest for exercise, and improved energy.  The herbs acted quickly in helping with my gut and overall health, and the knowledge of how my own body synchronises nutrients will benefit me for life.  I can highly recommend Sophie.

Nancy S, UK

Sophie has been nothing short of amazing. She's incredibly kind and attentive to each client's needs--she even changed part of the treatment for me because I explained that the original one was having the opposite effect from what we wanted. She's a team player and really cares about each client's needs and goals.

I first began to work with her because my mother is also a client of Sophie's, and have since found that everything positive my mom said was true a hundred times over. Initially, I was skeptical of Ayurveda, but Sophie happily explained everything to me, and helped contextualize what we'd be doing and how she could help me. It was the most detailed someone has ever been with me, in terms of what I can do to benefit my health, and I continue to apply her advice daily.

It has been a total game-changer, and I couldn't be more grateful. Thank you so much Sophie! I recommend her services with the highest confidence she can help you too!

Leyra, N, USA

I approached Sophie for help with daily headache and troubles with my intestines. Sophie taught me an Ayurvedic ‘diet’, taught me what to eat during the days and the various seasons and what to keep away.
She recommended me several Ayurvedic supplements, which I, after more than 20 months still use. Sophie helped me to be more present and to be conscious of what's happening in my body and to truly listen to myself. She helped me to become aware of myself and that’s the greatest lesson she gave me. Sophie is a good listener, very kind and helpful. I would recommend her to everyone who's looking for an ayurvedic practioner.

Marlou K, The Netherlands

Sophie is a great Ayurvedic practitioner. She listens to her clients and has their best interests at heart. Sophie works with them to find the best treatment that suits their needs. What makes the difference is the personalized treatment she offers and her knowledgeable advice - this is essential to me. I highly recommend her services.

Nazly N, USA

I am beyond grateful for the guidance and support I received from Sophie during a very challenging time of my life.

After going through several life changes at once, selling a home, moving, changing jobs, and moving again, I was feeling overstimulated, out of balance mentally and physically, and completely exhausted.

I needed help to ground myself, relax all my systems, transform my dry skin and hair, feel more peace, and overall increase my vitality. The amazing foods and herbs she suggested to balance my vata, along with creating intentional moments in my daily routine such as using oils and yoga nidra, absolutely brought me back to life. In only a few months I went from feeling tired and run down to feeling energized and healthier than I have in years.
Sophie is an absolutely wonderful Ayurvedic practitioner and I highly recommend her to anyone in a season of finding their best self. Grateful for her knowledge, love, and support always!

Ginny H, USA

I came to Sophie to help with my lung issue, mainly bronchiectasis. Sophie appears to be the only person in Bristol who offered Ayurvedic consultations.
I have worked with Sophie over a 6 months period and we have been able to make many changes in my diet and habits that have benefitted my health. I have noticed better digestion and regular bowel movements, sleep is much better, my mood and energy levels became stable, and my lung issue greatly improved.
Sophie is a wonderful and skilled Ayurvedic practitioner, having her guide me and making good suggestions has been a real help with life-changing moments.
I totally recommend her.

Marie-France R, UK

Sophie was great, she really listened to my story and explained how her methods could help me with my acid reflux, which they did!

Sam N, UK

Thank you so much for all of this Sophie. Our session together has had a huge impact on my diet and lifestyle already, I feel very grateful.

Emmy B, UK

Sophie's advice was spot on. I had over a year of issues with my stomach and did all sorts of research, but the medical doctors weren't able to find any diseases after all sorts of inconvenient tests. 
Sophie showed me that I have a vata imbalance, meaning there's too much air in my system, and the changes we made to my diet had an immediate effect.

Sophie is really sweet and makes you feel comfortable speaking about physical and personal subjects. I can definitely recommend her, and I hope a lot more people will benefit from her consults.

Boudewijn L, The Netherlands

I feel very lucky to have had my sessions with Sophie. She is such a calming human to talk to and be with, so you instantly feel like you're in good (and healing) hands.


My issues were complex, but she listened to me with compassion and I felt understood and heard. Within days of taking the herbs, I felt different. My digestion settled and my periods became regular again with no PMS for the first time ever. I couldn't believe it!

I'd recommend having a session with Sophie to everyone. Ayurvedic medicine feels like this precious secret to life that Sophie, with all her grace and compassion, helps you discover for yourself.

Louise MH, UK

"I thought you were super professional in your approach. Relaxed, great listener, empathetic...simple clear instructions. Confident. Approachable."

Jason H, UK

I’ve been working with Sophie for almost two months and we’ve been able to make holistic changes in my diet and habits that are positively impacting my being! I recently came off birth control and wanted Sophie’s help to reduce my acne. Sophie is thorough and kind, tapping into her own intuition and teachings.

When I am having a good week and implementing all of the suggestions I notice I’m having regular bowel movements and less gas, my face feels dry and fresh. When life gets the best of me and I am not integrating as many of the practices I notice my face feels much more oily and my gut gets bloated and constipated.


It’s absolutely a process of making these things habits and rituals and always striving for your better self but without Sophie, I wouldn’t have all this wisdom and intuition about what direction I should be heading. I’ve been reading blogs about acne for years, but the knowledge of Ayurveda is so personal and you really need a guide.


For me, having Sophie cheer me on is a huge push that I need! I’m so grateful for this journey!

Julie M, USA

I had been suffering from digestive problems for a few years such as severe diarrhea, bloating and generally feeling unwell which were getting increasingly worse. I was referred to the hospital and underwent various tests, they were all negative so I was told it was IBS. 

After a few bad attacks, Sophie suggested I tried Ayurvedic treatment which I was very sceptical about as at 70 years old I didn't believe it could do anything.

She started me with some herbs and advice regarding my diet and lifestyle, within a short time there were already changes; much more energy, sleeping better and the bloating was decreasing. 
I've continued to see Sophie for the past four months and she has gone the extra mile to help me. She listens attentively and goes away to research my queries and come back with new advice. She has been very caring and encouraging which has made it easier for me to carry on with the treatment.

Since we started, I've not had any more bad attacks, I'm sleeping through the night for the first time in years, and I'm losing weight slowly but surely. 

I can safely say it's changed my outlook on this kind of treatment, I feel generally healthier and look forward to what the future brings.

Sharyn B, UK

Sophie is lovely to work with.  She did a thorough assessment for me and provided easy suggestions for grounding and better sleep and digestion. Her calm personality made the conversation flow and I felt comfortable talking to her about everything.  Thank you so much, Sophie!

Katie W, USA
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